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Pine Bluff Personal Injury LawyerYou may consider representing yourself for your personal injury claim for several reasons. You could be concerned about the cost of hiring a Pine Bluff personal injury lawyer, may distrust lawyers or fear losing control of your case. Nevertheless, people who decide to represent themselves generally don’t come out on top in their personal injury claims. Instead, they often end up with much less compensation and an increased likelihood of getting no compensation. So, before you decide to represent your injury claim yourself, you must know a few things.

Disadvantages of Representing Yourself

Below are the top five disadvantages of representing yourself in a personal injury case:

  1. If you represent yourself for a personal injury claim, you will not be taken seriously by the court and the opposing party’s attorney. You might know this is not the reason, but you will not have the chance to express your basis to represent yourself. It is common for people to assume that a self-representing litigant is only representing themselves because no lawyer is ready to take on their case. Others will believe that you don’t have a severe or valid case.
  2. It will be your responsibility to get all the proof you need. Various steps are involved in pursuing a personal injury case, including interrogatories, depositions, and several documents and requests for more information. If you don’t hire a Pine Bluff personal injury lawyer, you will have to manage all this yourself. Meanwhile, your opposing counsel will send you discovery requests that you must respond to on time. It is straightforward for an average person to get lost in all this process and paperwork, miss deadlines, and get their case dismissed before they even get a chance to present it in court.
  3. You will not have access to professional investigators, but your opposing counsel will. Chances are your opposing counsel will have a team of professionals devoted to investigating your case and finding ways to disprove your claim. They might follow you to take pictures and keep tabs on everything you do, hoping to catch you doing something they can use against you. Meanwhile, you will be all by yourself, pursuing evidence of your injuries and damages.
  4. Unless you are a lawyer, you will be much more likely to make mistakes and fall for the tactics of your insurance company or opposing counsel. It’s very common for people to undervalue their claims. It can be complicated to determine how much your personal injury claim is worth without a professional Pine Bluff personal injury lawyer. An insurance company will count on your lack of experience to get you to settle for a small fraction of what your case is worth. They will make their offer sound like a lot of money at the time, and you will end up making the common mistake of accepting a lowball offer.
  5. You might feel that representing yourself in a personal injury case will help you save money. However, it is not valid. You can find several Pine Bluff personal injury lawyers who offer a complimentary consultation. If a lawyer decides to take up your personal injury case, they will work on contingency bases. It means their fees are set as a percentage of your final settlement. You will have to pay no legal fee if you don’t win your case.

Top Questions That You Must Ask Your Personal Injury Claims Attorney Before Hiring

If you have any concerns regarding hiring a professional Pine Bluff personal injury lawyer, know that you are not alone. You can always address all your problems with a free consultation that most lawyers offer. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, many people have the same problems and questions. Our team from Pfeifer Law Firm is used to answering these questions and will be more than happy to help. Given below are the top questions that you must ask your attorney before hiring them:

Do You Practice Personal Injury Claims?

When you visit the attorney for your initial free consultation, you must first find out what areas the attorney practice. If they only practice real estate, corporate, or family law, you should not hire them to handle your personal injury case. Instead, it would help if you found an attorney who focuses on personal injury law. You can also learn about this by checking out your lawyer’s webpage.

How Do You Charge Your Clients, And What Will The Case Cost You?

Most Pine Bluff personal injury lawyers operate with contingency fees. It means they will not ask you for any money upfront and will get paid if you get paid. Others will charge you an hourly rate. It’s vital to find out how your lawyer will charge you before you decide. It would be best to work with a lawyer who charges on a contingency basis and determine what percentage of your recovery they will require. Moreover, you must find out if the case involves additional costs and fees. Ensure you ask this and understand what you will have to pay.

What’s Their Experience Winning Personal Injury Cases?

The last thing anyone wants is to work with a lawyer who needs a proven track record of success. If you hire a lawyer who wants to avoid going to court, you may end up with an unfair settlement. However, when you hire a lawyer who is confident in the courtroom, you will be taken much more seriously by your opposing counsel and are more likely to receive a fair settlement.

If you want to learn more about working with a skilled Pine Bluff personal injury lawyer and address all your concerns and queries, contact Pfeifer Law Firm immediately!

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