Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence often results in serious personal injury or wrongful death. Healthcare is no longer the personal affair it was during the last century. Due to the tactics of insurance companies managed care companies and other insurers, your doctor may have to choose between what is best for the patient (you) and what the PPO or HMO will pay for.

While doctors have access to more medical devices, diagnostic tests, and drugs than ever before, the insurance companies are motivated to increase revenue and decrease expenses. This can, and often does, come at the expense of your best interest. Pressure from the insurance company directed to the doctor to reduce costs results in less time the physician can spend with each patient. This results in misdiagnoses by doctors and increases in medical errors by physicians and other medical care providers. The harm caused to a patient due to misdiagnosis or the failure to diagnose an illness, incorrect treatment of a medical condition, or misuse of prescription medications is unacceptable.

Consulting an attorney will provide you with the best options in order to receive proper compensation. Under Arkansas law there is a limited amount of time to file a claim for medical malpractice, so call today for a personal no-obligation consultation to discuss your rights and learn how you can recover fair and reasonable compensation.

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