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Little Rock Social Security Law AttorneysThe Social Security Act allows qualified persons to obtain Social Security benefits in the event they become disabled. Social Security disability benefits are available under two possible programs. Social Security Disability/Retirement Survivors Disability, also called SSD and RSDI, is available to individuals who have a work history and have paid Social Security taxes. The second type of benefit is Social Security income, also called SSI. This program is for persons who have very little work history. Hiring a Little Rock Social Security Law Lawyer from Pfeifer Law Firm will ensure that everything is filed properly, and will give you the personalized attention you deserve.

Paul Pfeifer represents claimants in Arkansas who are applying for both types of Social Security Disability. Generally, you must prove that you are no longer able to perform your former job or another job in the current economy. You must make your case to the Social Security Administration. Social Security Disability is a unique area of the law where an attorney can be helpful in presenting the best case to the Social Security Administration. Oftentimes it is necessary to obtain the proper reports from your physicians and request further medical evidence, if necessary.

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