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Little Rock Employment Law LawyersUnfortunately, in the labor landscape, it so often happens that employees feel that they have little power when it comes to their rights. This means that they are willing to put up with many unfair and unlawful practices by their employers. What most don’t appreciate is that there are many federal and state laws that have been put into place to protect them from this very behavior.

At Pfeifer Law Firm, we have represented individuals in Little Rock and throughout the state of Arkansas who have been the victims of illegal employment practices and rights abuses. Whether it is unlawful termination, discrimination, or sexual harassment, a Little Rock employment law attorney is here to ensure that your federal and state employment rights are protected.

Employment Protections Afforded to Workers

Many who are reliant on a weekly paycheck or salary can be intimidated by the power of their employer. Whether the employer is outright engaging in unlawful labor practices or dismissing valid concerns and complaints lodged by employees, many employees just put up with bad or even illegal behavior for fear of termination or retaliation. Many employers continue with this behavior until they are held accountable. At Pfeifer Law Firm, that is where our expertise comes into play.

As skilled Little Rock employment law attorneys, we represent workers who have been victimized by their employers and ensure that their legal rights are being protected. We represent victims of:

  • Arkansas employment and labor law violations – Unions and other employee organizations are critical components of many employment scenarios. We assist these organizations in negotiating with problems as they arise with individuals under their purview.
  • Wage and pay violations – For those who have been victims of pay violations, we assist them in getting the compensation that is legally due to them.
  • Wrongful termination – We represent those who have been wrongfully terminated due to discriminatory practices, harassment, retaliation, or other unlawful practices.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations – We hold employers accountable for denial of time off under FMLA regulations.
  • Race, religion, gender, age, disability, or pregnancy discrimination – We represent individuals who have experienced discriminatory practices in hiring, firing, and other conditions of employment.
  • Sexual harassment – We help those who have been the victim of unaddressed sexual harassment in the workplace hold their employer accountable and recover compensation for their damages.
  • Hostile workplace environments – We assist those who have been subjected to overt stressful work environments caused by bullying and harassment by coworkers or supervisors that have been unaddressed and resolved by the employer.

Employee Vulnerability in the Face of Necessity

Unfortunately, those who find themselves most in need of their jobs are put in positions of being victimized by employers who work in defiance of the laws that protect their employees. This often leads to ever-evolving abuses in the workplace, when employers know that their employees are too intimidated to do anything about it.

This is why we practice employment law at Pfeifer Law Firm. Our experienced team of Little Rock employment law attorneys gives voice to those who have suffered wage abuse, discrimination, and harassment at the hands of their employers. We are diligent advocates working hard to hold employers accountable for their actions and ensuring that victimized employees are fairly compensated for their damages.

Getting the Assistance of an Experienced Little Rock Employment Lawyers

If you have been a victim of workplace abuses that violate state and federal laws, your employer can be held accountable for their actions. For over a decade, the skilled Little Rock employment law attorneys at Pfeifer Law Firm have defended clients who need strong legal advocacy to stand up to employers and get compensated for their damages. Call us at (501) 374-4440 or contact us through our online contact page to schedule a free and confidential consultation.