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Little Rock Fracture Injury AttorneySometimes being involved in a car accident or motorcycle accident can drastically change your life. If you have suffered a fracture due to a car accident or motorcycle accident which occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence, the Pfeifer Law Firm are experienced Little Rock fracture injury lawyers that can help you recover money for injuries, pain, and suffering, lost wages, and any other compensation for which you may be entitled. The Pfeifer Law Firm is experienced in handling many types of injury cases, and we help injury victims get the compensation they deserve so that they can move forward with their lives after an accident. We understand that when you are injured, the days following can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with. When you call the Pfeifer Law Firm you will speak directly with an attorney who will answer your questions. When you hire our firm, we will get to work immediately gathering facts and evidence to support your case. Attorney Paul Pfeifer will speak with you and answer any questions you may have from the beginning of the claim until the final recovery is made. Call us today to speak directly with an attorney about your case at no charge or contact us online for a free consultation.

A fracture, a break in a bone, can be simple when there is only one point at which the bone breaks, or comminuted when there are two or more spots in which the bone is broken. There are several types of fractures because a bone can be broken in different ways. A spiral fracture occurs when pressure is applied to a bone in a twisting motion that causes the bone to crack. An impacted fracture occurs when two or more bones are jammed together by a force that causes one of them to break. A compression fracture, which usually occurs in the spine, occurs when bones compress and collapse into each other. A fracture is “closed” when the broken bone stays inside the skin, and “open” when the bone pierces the skin from the inside.

When a fracture first occurs, the symptoms may include extreme pain, swelling of the area where the fracture occurred, external bruising of the skin, bleeding (if the broken bone has punctured the skin), and inability to move the injured part of the body.

Most bone fractures are diagnosed by x-ray, and many types of hard and soft casts can be used to aid in the healing of the bone. The type of cast is determined by the type of fracture and by the specific location on the body. The time it takes to heal depends on the location of the fracture and the severity of the break. Some fractures can heal in as little as three weeks, while others, such as fractures of the large bones of the leg, can take up to 24 weeks to completely heal.

It is extremely important to get the correct diagnosis and treatment of any fracture. Failure to properly set a broken bone can lead to many problems. If a bone does not correctly heal, such as when it heals at an incorrect angle or in a rotated position, it is called a malunion. Another complication, called a nonunion, occurs when two parts of the fractured bone do not heal back together. This can be caused by infection or decreased blood flow to the injured area. Malunions and nonunions can be corrected by surgery, and serious cases may require a bone graft procedure. There are also many other complications that can occur because a person has suffered a fracture. If the fracture is open, there is an extra risk of infection. Nerve injury can happen when the fractured bone or fragments that break off of it damage the nearby nerves. This type of complication can also affect blood vessels near the fracture site. In the most extreme cases, a patient might contract Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, in which the pain and nerve sensitivity in the area of the fracture continues long after the bone has healed. This is caused by damage to the nervous system and can happen when the initial fracture occurred because of a traumatic injury.

Fractures most commonly result from traumatic injuries which occur when a force is suddenly applied to the body such as from a fall from a height, a fall caused by slipping or tripping, or in a motor vehicle accident. Severe fractures immobilize the victim and often require an ambulance to transport them to a hospital for immediate treatment. X-rays, casts, and follow-up visits can be very expensive. Bones heal slowly, and life with a cast can be drastically different from normal. A patient in a cast needs assistance with many daily tasks, and mobility is impaired when the cast requires the use of a wheelchair or crutches.

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Treatment and recovery from fractures can be time-consuming and costly. If you or a family member has suffered a fracture through negligence or an accident, such as a car accident or motorcycle accident, you need the help of an experienced Little Rock fracture injury lawyer. Having a lawyer review your case will help you make sure that you are receiving just compensation for your injuries that occurred through no fault of your own. Call the Pfeifer Law Firm for a free consultation and let us answer your questions. Call us today or contact us online for a free consultation.